# Creating an Application

Next let's create an application, done by clicking on the Apps tab located at the top of the interface:

Click the Create tab to create a new application. You'll be presented with the following form:

Let's walk through each form field:

  • Application Name and Description: The application name and description are used purely for human consumption, so feel free to complete these as you see fit.
  • Active: This checkbox can be used to toggle availability of the API key, which will be generated and presented to you when the application is saved.
  • App Location: This field presents four options for specifying the application's location. The overwhelming majority of users will choose No Storage Required because the API key will be used in conjunction with a mobile or web application, or via a server-side script.
  • Assign a Default Role Filter: Some of our customers manage dozens and even hundreds of role within their DreamFactory environment! To help them quickly find a particular role we added this real-time filtering feature which will adjust what's displayed in the Assign a Default Role select box. You can leave this blank for now.
  • Assign a Default Role: It is here where you'll assign the newly created role to your application. Click on this select box and choose the role.

Click the Save button and the new API key will be generated. Click the clipboard icon next to your new API key to select the key, and then copy it to your clipboard, because in the next section we'll use it to interact with the API.