# Chapter 6. Integrating Business Logic Into Your DreamFactory APIs

DreamFactory does a very good job of generating APIs for a wide variety of data sources, including Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, SFTP, AWS S3, and others. The generated API endpoints encompass the majority of capabilities a client is expected to require when interacting with the data source. However, software can rarely be created in cookie-cutter fashion, because no two companies or projects are the same. Therefore DreamFactory offers developers the ability to modify API endpoint logic using the scripting engine.

The scripting engine can also be used to create standalone APIs. This is particularly useful when no native nor third-party API exists to interact with a data source. For instance you might want to create an API capable of converting CSV files into a JSON stream, or you might wish to use a Python package to create a machine learning-oriented API. Such tasks can be accomplished with the scripting engine.

In this chapter you'll learn how to both extend existing APIs and create standalone APIs using the scripting engine. Finally, the chapter concludes with a section explaining how to configure DreamFactory's API request scheduler. First though let's review DreamFactory's scripting engine support.