# Stopping Script Execution

Just like in normal code execution, execution of a script is stopped prematurely by two means, throwing an exception, or returning.

// Stop execution if verbs other than GET are used in Custom Scripting Service
if (event.request.method !== "GET") {
    throw "Only HTTP GET is allowed on this endpoint."; // will result in a 500 back to client with the given message.

// Stop execution and return a specific status code
if (event.resource !== "test") {
    // For pre-process scripts where event.response doesn't exist yet, just create it
    event.response = {};
    // For post-process scripts just update the members necessary
    event.response.status_code = 400;
    event.response.content = {"error": "Invalid resource requested."};

// defaults to 200 status code
event.response.content = {"test": "value"};

# Throwing An Exception

If a parameter such as filter is missing, can throw an exception like so:

// PHP
if (! array_key_exists('filter', $event['request']['parameters'])) {
    throw new \DreamFactory\Core\Exceptions\BadRequestException('Missing filter');