# Chapter 15. Using the System APIs

All DreamFactory versions include a web-based administration console used to manage all aspects of the platform. While this console offers a user-friendly solution for performing tasks such as managing APIs, administrators, and business logic, many companies desire to instead automate management through scripting. There are two notable reasons for doing so:

  • Multi-environment administration: APIs should always be rigorously tested in a variety of test and QA environments prior to being deployed to production. While DreamFactory does offer a service export/import mechanism, it's often much more convenient to write custom scripts capable of automating multi-environment service creation.
  • Integration with third party services: The complexity associated with creating new SaaS products such as API monetization can be dramatically reduced thanks to the ability to integrate DreamFactory into the solution. Following payment, the SaaS could interact with DreamFactory to generate a new role-based access control, API key, and define a volume limit. The new API key could then be presented to the subscriber.

In this chapter we'll walk you through several examples explaining exactly how these two use cases can be achieved.