# Chapter 4. Authenticating Your APIs

One of DreamFactory's most popular features is the wide-ranging authentication support. While API Key-based authentication is suffice for many DreamFactory-powered applications, developers often require a higher degree of security through user-specific authentication. In some cases Basic HTTP authentication will get the job done, however many enterprises require more sophisticated and flexible approaches largely because of the growing adoption of Single Sign On (SSO)-based solutions such as Active Directory and LDAP, and use of third-party identity providers and solutions such as AWS Cognito, Auth0, and Okta.

You'll be pleased to know DreamFactory supports all of these options through a comprehensive set of authentication connectors. These connectors include Active Directory, LDAP, OAuth through well-known identity providers such as Facebook, GitHub, and Twitter, OpenID Connect, and SAML 2.0. In this chapter we'll walk you through all of the different authentication integration options at your disposal!