Integrating with Version Control APIs

Interacting with the GitLab API


GitLab subgroups were introduced in GitLab 9.0, and are supported by DreamFactory. You will still have access to both repository lists, as well as the files and directories (and indeed branches) of a particular respository, however due to the nature of the GitLab API, our service creation process will slightly differ depending on what you wish to do.

Accessing the Repository List

To be able to access details of all repositories within your subgroup, proceed with creating your GitLab service in the usual manner(Services -> Source Control -> GitLab Service). However, for the Namespace/Group field, enter the ID of the subgroup you wish to connect (instead of the name).

Your config tab will thus look similar to this:

Configuring a gitlab Service

Create your service, and assign a role and app in the usual manner (For more information on roles see here. For more about applications, see here). To interact with the API, we will make a GET request to ../api/v2/<gitlabservicename>/_repo

You will get a response containing details of all the repositories within your subgroup in JSON format:

JSON response of a gitlab API GET Request

Accessing Individual Repositories

If you want to access one particular repository and its file structure, the process is much the same, but instead of giving the subgroup ID as the Namespace/Group, we need to give it <groupName></subgroupName>, i.e. our config tab will now look something like this:

Configuration to Access a gitlab Subgroup

Now we can make a GET request to ../api/v2/<gitlabservicename>/_repo/<repositoryname>, and the JSON response will be the file structure of your repository.

JSON Response Getting gitlab File Structure

We can also add a file path to the end of our URI to get further details about an individual file (such as commit ids). Using the above image as an example, a call to ../_repo/subgrouptest1/somefiles/testdesign.css returns the following:

JSON Response Getting gitlab File Data


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